Gospel Team
Bible Camp

COCM Gospel Team was established in May 2010. We partner with different local Chinese churches and fellowships to organize student gospel events across UK and European continent between August and November each year. All events are targeted for Mandarin-speaking students. Our work includes conducting evangelistic skills training; organizing evangelistic meetings and providing after-event support.

Bible camps aim to provide solid biblical studies to mature Christians so that they may become practitioners and doers of the words of God by being inspired, equipped and refreshed during their studies and discussions in the Bible camps. 

PHAT Camp is a 4-day event where hundreds of us, from all over the UK,
gather together to journey with God and explore our faith.

Year-end Camps

The Year-end Mandarin Gospel Camps are yearly gospel camps organised by COCM. It aims to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, build up and strengthen the participants' faith and provide serving opportunities for Christians who are committed to grow and experience Christ. According to the different age group and background of the participants, the Year-end gospel camp will be divided into Family camp and Student camp.

The Southern England Easter Conference is a Christian conference for Cantonese-speaking university students in the south of England.

The ReGeneration Conference is a Christian conference for
English-speaking university students in the United Kingdom and Europe, organised by the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM).

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Easter Camp

The Easter Mandarin Student Discipleship Camp is a yearly discipleship camp for Christians held around Easter time that is organised by COCM. It aims to challenge the lives of believers in Christ — to learn obedience, commitment, following Christ, and upholding and serving each other.

TEE (Theological Education by Extension) provides distance learning courses to Chinese Christians in the UK and Europe. The students can get training in biblical studies, theology, spiritualities, and ministries, according to their own pace.

Crossover is the short-term missions programme of the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission for Next Generation Chinese Christians in the United Kingdom.

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Volunteer Scheme

COCM’s volunteer scheme mainly uses our mission organization as a platform to recruit committed young Christians to take an active part in the ministry of our mission. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the frontline of the mission field, experience life as a missionary, receive practical training and learn to be like Jesus in His humble service.