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Easter Mandarin Student Discipleship Camp


The Easter Mandarin Student Discipleship Camp is a yearly discipleship camp for Christians held around Easter time that is organised by COCM. It aims to challenge the lives of believers in Christ — to learn obedience, commitment, following Christ, and upholding and serving each other. In this sense, the camp is designed for students who are already Christians. It is also suitable for new believers (including those who have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour yet to be baptised) to cultivate spiritual growth of these brothers and sisters. According to the needs, seekers who are deeply interested in the Gospel and have been participating in the local church or fellowship for a period of time can also join this camp.

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Camp Background


Since the year 2000, the UK and the European region have witnessed an influx of students from mainland China. Through evangelism and pastoral care offered by the local churches and student fellowships, many have come to know Jesus Christ and accept Him as their personal Saviour. In order to help many new believers in their spiritual growth, COCM held the first Easter Discipleship Camp in 2005. In order to meet the needs of the growing number of campers each year, the Easter Discipleship Camp moved to the COCM Missions Centre located in Milton Keynes. Throughout these years, by God’s grace and under His leading and blessing, this camp has become many believers’ blessing, helping them to be equipped and trained up in their spiritual lives. A batch of young Christian leaders who are dedicated to serve has been trained and taught how to mature in Christ, imitate Christ, and become servant leaders. All praise to the Lord, the Easter Student Discipleship Camp has developed into a camp that exceeded 150 participants in 2015.


Camp Details


Each year, the Easter Student Discipleship Camp will explore and develop a main theme through a variety of sessions such as sermons, workshops, group discussions, and so on to further engage with the theme. We also make slight adjustments to the specific contents according to the different participants’ need in order to help new believers to be increasingly rooted in the faith in a deeper way. On the other hand we also design the programme to cultivate leadership in brothers and sisters who are willing to commit themselves to become future leaders of churches or fellowships.

The Main content of the camp:
1) Sermons
2) Music worship
3) Testimonies
4) Bible skits
5) Workshops / Panel discussions
6) Group discussions
7) Outdoor activities
7) One-on-one counselling

In addition, since the camp coincides with the Easter weekend, there will be special programmes each night for brothers and sisters to experience the suffering road of the cross and the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, to give them a time before God to reaffirm their devotion and convictions.


Things to Know


When is the camp?
Easter time of every year (Thursday to the following Monday, 5 days 4 nights) 

Where is it?
COCM, 2 Padstow Avenue, Fishermead, Milton Keynes, MK6 2ES

Who is it for?
Students and working young adult Christians (including believers who have not received baptism). Seekers who attend churches/fellowships regularly can also register. 

In what languages?

More details?
Please contact:

Things to know
Previous themes

Previous Easter Camp Themes

2011   Life Empowered

2012  Priceless Treasure

2013  Be Different

2014  Living Out Our Faith

2015  Journey Together

2016  Mold me and Shape me

2017  Be Thou Our Vision

2018  Acts With You

2019  Demolish Strongholds

2020 Easter Online Weekend

​2021  King of Glory

​2022 Follow Your Pace

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