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Mandarin Summer Camp


Starting from 2020, COCM has decided to change the family camp to summer and name it Mandarin Summer Camp. We have also decided to move the camp to a larger and safer campsite to accommodate more attendees. At the same time, the camp is positioned as a discipleship training camp that focuses on helping families grow spiritually, and young professionals are also welcome to participate. Children aged 3-12 will join the children programme, led by a professional children's ministry team, which not only allows the children to know the Lord from an early age, but also allows the parents to be fully engaged in the camp. In addition, PHAT Camp will be held at the same time but different campsite, teenagers over 12 years old are encouraged to join. Latest information:


Camp Details

Each year, Mandarin Summer Camp will explore and develop a main theme through a variety of sessions such as sermons, workshops, group discussions, and so on to further engage with the theme. We aim to spread the gospel by providing a warm and homey atmosphere to our non-Christian participants, strengthen the faith of the new-born believers, and to train those Christian who committed themselves to be future leaders of churches and fellowships.

The Main content of the camp:
1) Sermons
2) Worship
3) Testimony

4) Workshop
5) Group Discussion
6) Group Game
7) One-on-one Consulting

Things to Know

Things to Know

When will the camps be?

  • Around end of July

Who is it for?

All families and working adults. You don’t have to be a Christian in order to apply, we welcome everyone (including both Christians and Non-Christians, Baptized and non-Baptized). As long as you are interested in hearing or even spreading the gospel you are very welcome to join us.

In what languages?

**Children Programme (3-12 Years old) will be in English 

More details?
Please contact:

Previous Camp Theme

Previous Camp Themes

2008  Contract with Love

2009  My Life - Who is in Charge?

2010  The Way to Happiness

2011   The Most Important Decision

2012  Only Jesus

2013  The Voice from Heaven

2014  On the Road

2015  Knowing You by Heart

2016  Come and See

2017  Braveheart

2018  Gospel Inc.

2019  Come Alive

2020 Online Mandarin Summer Camp

2021  Online Mandarin Summer Camp

​2022 Embrace Love

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