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Theological Education by Extension


TEE (Theological Education by Extension) provides distance learning courses to Chinese Christians in the UK and Europe. The students can get training in biblical studies, theology, spiritualities, and ministries, according to their own pace.

The whole course has seven modules. After the student registers, she will receive the textbook and homework materials for the first module; after the student finishes the assignments, pays for the next module and send the assignment to COCM for assessment, she will receive materials for the next module. After the students finishes all modules, she will be awarded TEE Certificate.

If five or more people from the same church register, COCM will send a co-worker on request for seminars, further explanations on the modules, or Q&A sessions. 


1. Reborn Christians

2. Able to read and write Chinese (traditional or simplified)



Registration fee is 20 pounds or 28 euros.

Textbook cost and postage for each module is 10 pounds or 14 euros.

Reference books' prices and postage vary (if needed).

Application process and reminders:


1. Please fill in the application form, and mail it together with a payment of 30 pounds or 42 euros (registration fee, textbook cost for the first module, and postage) to Lawrence Sin at COCM.

2. Students can contact COCM's instructors via telephone, fax or e-mail for enquiries about the course.

3. Registered students can get 10% off on purchases from COCM Bookroom (for self-use only).​

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