Father's School


No one is born to be a father, but everyone can learn to be a good one.

Fathers, we hear your needs.


The Father's School provides you with essentials on how to be a good father with four courses.


Session 1: Fathers' influence

Session 2: Father's gender role

Session 3: Father's mission

Session 4: Father's spiritual maturity and family

(will invite family members to the graduation ceremony)



7/7/2017(Fri) 6pm – 9/7/2017(Sun) 4pm



COCM Mission Centre: 2 Padstow Avenue, Fishermead, Milton Keynes, MK6 2ES



Father, ready to be father



Mandarin & Cantonese (English learning material & translation will be provided)


Hosted by:

Duranno Father's School; COCM



£120 (with accommodation); £100 (no accommodation); £140 (family room)



Kenneth Teh 

E-mail: kenneth@tapbeemedia.com


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